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Pickleball Club PT

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Pickleball Club PT

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Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Days: Tue, Thu
Port Tampa Center
4702 W McCoy St
Tampa, FL, 33616


At least 1 current membership per family member from this pass code list: 2RCINDSR (Rec Card Individual Senior), 5RCFAMSR1 (Rec Card Family Senior 1), 5RCFAMSR2 (Rec Card Family Senior 2), 7RCINDDISSR (Rec Card Individual Disabled Senior), valid on item begin date.
Age older than or equal to 50.00 and younger than or equal to 99.99. The date used for calculating the age is Transaction Date.

Pickleball Club PT

Pickleball is a paddle sport played with a whiffle ball on a badminton-sized court and a tennis-style net. A non-volley zone (or kitchen) prevents volleys close to the net, and the serving team cannot volley the return of serve. These unique rules favor players with less mobility and allow senior players to compete successfully with younger competitors.


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