Teens Leading Change (TLC) Summer Camps - 20002111

TLC Summer Camp Grant


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TLC Summer Camp Grant

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Time: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
Days: Mon - Fri
Grant Center
3724 N 54th St
Tampa, FL, 33619
Multi-Purpose Room


Mon 07/04


Family Member Category of Resident.
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Age older than or equal to 13.00 and younger than or equal to 17.99. The date used for calculating the age is Item Begin Date.
At least 1 current membership per family member from this pass code list: 1RCINDYT (Rec Card Individual Youth), 1RCTEEN (Rec Card Teen Pass), 4RCFAMYT (Rec Card Family Youth), 7RCINDDISYT (Rec Card Individual Disabled Youth), valid throughout item.
Transaction Date/Time on or before 03/27/22 @11:59pm.
Transaction Date/Time on or after 03/21/22 @ 8:00am.
Activity Section Code of '20002011_AB,20002011_BN,20002011_CG,20002011_CL,20002011_DI,20002011_DS,20002011_FH,20002011_FO,20002011_FS,20002011_GM,20002011_GR,20002011_HL,20002011_HO,20002011_JK,20002011_KD,20002011_KJ,20002011_KM,20002011_LI,20002011_MK,20002011_OP,20002011_PAL,20002011_PT,20002011_RAC,20002011_RP,20002011_SP,20002011_TC,20002011_TEST,20002011_WL,20002011_WW'
Match One prerequisite activity code: 50001011 (After School), 57901011 (PAL After School) (Season Match: AS) (Year Match: 2021).
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Match One prerequisite section code: 20002011_AB (Summer Camp Al Barnes), 20002011_BN (Summer Camp Benito), 20002011_CG (Summer Camp Cyrus Greene), 20002011_CL (Summer Camp Copeland), 20002011_DI (Summer Camp Davis Island), 20002011_DS (Summer Camp DeSoto), 20002011_FH (Summer Camp Forest Hills), 20002011_FO (Summer Camp Fair Oaks), 20002011_FS (Summer Camp Friendship), 20002011_GM (Summer Camp Gwen Miller), 20002011_GR (Summer Camp Grant), 20002011_HL (Summer Camp Highland Pines), 20002011_HO (Summer Camp Henry & Ola), 20002011_HU (Summer Camp Hunt), 20002011_JK (Summer Camp Jackson Heights), 20002011_KD (Summer Camp Kwane Doster), 20002011_KJ (Summer Camp Kate Jackson), 20002011_KM (Summer Camp Kid Mason), 20002011_LI (Summer Camp Loretta Ingraham), 20002011_MK (Summer Camp MLK), 20002011_OP (Summer Camp Oak Park), 20002011_PAL (Summer Camp PAL), 20002011_PT (Summer Camp Port Tampa), 20002011_RAC (Summer Camp Rowlett Activity Center), 20002011_RP (Summer Camp Rey Park), 20002011_SP (Summer Camp Springhill), 20002011_TC (Summer Camp Temple Crest), 20002011_WL (Summer Camp Williams), 20002011_WW (Summer Camp Wellswood), 20002111_RP (TLC Summer Camp Rey Park), 20002111_SH (TLC Summer Camp Springhill) (Current Year).

TLC Summer Camp Grant

Teens Leading Change (T.L.C.) camp is designed to offer youth ages 13 to 17 with an interactive, educational, and exciting summer experience. Teens will participate in programs covering, but not limited to, manners, proper etiquette, and decision making. Teens will also participate in daily activities including games, arts and crafts, and sports. Current Rec Card required.


Charge When Not Billed:
Camp Fee (Standard Fee): $80.00 + $0.00 Tax = $80.00