DeSoto Summer Camp Field Trips - 22602014

Adventure Island

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Adventure Island

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Time: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Days: Fri
DeSoto Park Center
2617 E Corrine St
Tampa, FL, 33605
Multi-Purpose Room


Section Code prerequisite Match One: 20002011_DS (Summer Camp DeSoto), 20002111_DS (Teen Summer Camp Desoto) (Season Match: SMR) (Current Year).
Transaction Date/Time after 05/22/24 @ 6:30pm.

Adventure Island

Adventure Island is full of sun, sand, and thrills where youth will have something to do behind every palm tree. They will be able to explore what floats their boat when it comes to fun. With rides like Florida's original four-lane mat slide, Riptide, or Caribbean Corkscrew or Wahoo Run, and attractions such as Paradise Lagoon and Splash Attack, they are sure to leave with a smile on their faces.
Children must have an Adventure Island park pass and bring it to the field trip with them. Park T-shirt must be worn to attend this field trip. Children are encouraged to bring their water bottle with them, but we can no longer bring food and drinks, other than water into the park. Children are permitted to bring extra money for food and drinks.


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