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Barksdale: Bridge

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Barksdale: Bridge

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Time: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Days: Thu
Barksdale Senior Ctr
1700 N MacDill Ave
Tampa, FL, 33607
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Barksdale: Bridge

The game consists of several deals, each progressing through four phases. The cards are dealt to the players, and then the players ‘’call’’ (or ‘’bid’’) in an auction to take the contract, specifying how many tricks the partnership receiving the contract (the declaring side) needs to take to receive points for the deal  The cards are then played, the declaring side trying to fulfill the contract, and the defenders trying to stop the declaring side from achieving its goal. The deal is scored based on the number of tricks taken, the contract, and various other factors which depend to some extent on the variation of the game being played.


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