Kinder Dance - 17006021

Kinder Dance


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Kinder Dance

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Time: 4:00 pm - 4:55 pm
Days: Mon
New Tampa Center
17302 Commerce Park Blvd
Tampa, FL, 33647


Mon 01/17


At least 1 current membership per family member from this pass code list: 4RCFAMYT (Rec Card Family Youth), 1RCINDYT (Rec Card Individual Youth), valid throughout item.
Age older than or equal to 5.00 and younger than or equal to 6.99. The date used for calculating the age is 09/01/21.


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Kinder Dance

Transition from preschool dance with an introduction to basic tap, ballet and jazz.


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Registration Fee (Standard Fee): $52.00 + $0.00 Tax = $52.00